About The Trust


A man's life is a beautiful dream. The dreams may or may not come true. Life is very spacious! No, it is very small. While a man's life is big in comparison to other living beings, it appears small, once a man looks back to see his achievements. Doesn't it look very surprising? It is said by an elder that being born as a human being is the greatest form of life. A man leading a family life is considered to be leading the best phase of his life. This is because, this phase gives a man enough time to assimilate and follow the rules of Dharma and pass the Baton to the next generation has been the norm for generations. And this is what exactly Sri Bhattar Raghavacharya did. Born in 1917 to Sree Lakshmanacharya and Smt Andalamma, a scholar in traditional rituals married Smt. Lakhmidevi, a scholar herself, and moved to Hyderabad leaving a huge property beyond, to learn the teachings of life. They were blessed with Five daughters and Three sons.By the divine grace of Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Sreemannarayana Ramanuja Pedda Jeeyar Swami ji, he sustained all the difficulties of life and joined his sons in Swamiji's Gurukul for studies.

Sri Surendra Charya is in the abode of Sri Laxmi Narasimha swamy temple in Yadagirigutta and Sri Sundara Prahlada Charya is the Vedic scholar in the Tirumala Tirupati Devastanam. They are not only scholars in Vedas but experts in Vaastu Shastra and Astrology.

Both his sons excelled in their respective subjects and joined the best Vedic organizations and earned respect and fame for their parents and themselves. Sri Raghavacharya is constant source of inspiration for his children to work for humanity and the trust BRACT is the outcome of this relentless pursuit churn the best in the neglected beings for the larger benefit of the society.

Today many people look at them for advice in Vedas, astrology, Vaastu and Aagama Sastras. There are many students who have been trained by them and serving the society.

Sriman Ragahava Charya is the source of inspiration for his children. Not only for excelling in their studies but also in the social activities and service to the Humanity.

The Birth of BRACT is Result of relentless pursuit of the best human beings who is otherwise neglected for various reasons and support him and churn out the best in him for the benefit of society. To fulfill their father's ambition of serving the poorest of the poor and bring out the hidden talents to the benefit of society, they have taken a step to form the trust.

We invite you to join us in elevating the educational levels of the neglected group of the society. Let us together save the Indian Vedic Culture and build a beautiful society. Join us in this noble cause to serve the society. Participate in whatever form you can to bring smiles on many faces and change the lives of them. Our volunteers will be very happy to meet you personally. We respect your Trust in the Trust.